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Gupta, A., Sharma, K.V., Yunus, R.M.and Kumar, A. 2013. Method for increasing the rate of heat transfer of wood fibres. US Patent 20130048190 (published online 24th Feb. 2013).

Gupta, A., Perumal, R. 2013. Process for extracting Keratin. US Patent 8,575,313, 2

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  1. A Novel        process for producing wood composite


Arun Gupta
  1. Oil Palm –glass fiber hybrid recycled        composition
Malaysia PI2011003655 Arun Gupta
  1. A method for manufacturing wood composite board
Malaysia PI2011003174 Arun Gupta
  1. Process for extraction keratin protein from        poultry feathers
Malaysia PI201100542 Arun Gupta
  1. Personal care composition comprising keratin        protein (Anti aging cream)
Malaysian PI2012002406 Arun Gupta
  1. Keratin based wound healing hydrogel
Malaysian PI2014003164 Arun Gupta
  1. Keratin based hair straightening cream


PI2015001713 Arun Gupta
  1. Synthesis of nano cellulose from wood fibers        using enzymes
Malaysian PI2015701816 Arun Gupta
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