Center for Biocomposites & Innovative Materials

Commercial Products

The commercial products developed and patented by CBIM

Hair Cream

hair cream   Hair straightening cream from Keratin

Kero CBIM Hair Cream 

PI 2015001713 - Filed in July 2015 in process.


Anti Aging Cream

 Anti aging Anti aging cream from Keratin   PI 2012002406 - Filed in 2012 in process



Hydrogel       Wound Healing Hydrogel
PI 2014003164 -  Filed in Nov 2014 in process 


Keratin Product

keratin   Keratin based shampoo    US Patent Granted

Wood Composite

Bench using Nano particles  Nano wood composite   

House roof

 Biodegradable weathering sheet   House roofing from biodegradable materials 



Nano cellulose  Nanocellulose  Nanocellulose from wood fibers by using enzymes