Center for Biocomposites & Innovative Materials



The Centre for Biocomposite and Innovative Materials (CBIM) was established as one of the Centre of Excellence (COE) of University Malaysia Pahang. At present it is hosted under Faculty of Chemical and Natural Resources Engineering for its operation. It is established as a means of information exchange among staff engaged in biocomposite and advanced material research, to facilitate the shared use of research facilities, enhance research programmes and to promote technology transfer to end users. Staff participate in the Centre's activities are from the multiple discipline.

The Centre organises workshops and seminars. It co-ordinates visits of material scientists and technologists to the University.

The Centre has links and collaborative projects with both international and national research institutes. The centre members undertake research projects funded by Malaysian Government and industries.

The Centre welcomes further opportunities for joint work with interested parties.




To be a leader in Biocomposite and Innovative Materials research and development                      

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To develop innovative market driven smart materials to promote and enhance the productivity and quality of the related industries and creating wealth for the nation.

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Smart Materials through Innovation



The objectives of CBIM are:

  • to conduct research on Bio-composites and Innovative materials and to collaborate with other national and international organisations.
  • to act as a means to exchange information's among staff engaged in Bio-composites and innovative material research and to share the research facilities.
  • to enhance commercialization of research through patent, intellectual properties and licensing.
  • to create employment opportunities for our graduates


Corporate Profile

      Assoc. Prof.Dr. Arun Gupta
      PhD. (Chemical & Process Engineering) University of Canterbury, New Zealand
      M.Sc. (Wood Science & Technology), FRI, India
      Post.Grad. Diploma in Computer Application, MCU, India
      e-mail :This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Deputy Director
      Dr. Nor Hanuni binti Ramli @ Said
PhD (Chemical Engineering), Swansea University, UK
      M.Sc. (Chemical Engineering), Swansea University, UK
      B.Sc. (Chemical Engineering), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
      e-mail :This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.